Smart, Passionate and Talented People
We like to work with and attract smart, passionate and talented people, both on the client and candidate side.   If you don't think you are smart, passionate and talented, then most likely we can't help you. 

Focus on the Match
From time to time we will get a certain sense that a client's hiring criteria or a candidates decision criteria are poorly aligned and we will ourselves communicate a mismatch.  We enjoy interacting with people and strive to create positive long term relationships, sometime we fail, as as smart, passionate and talented people we will admit our failure.  Most often, we achieve the goals and objectives we set for ourselves.  Please be aware that we will not sugar coat anything and that our personal integrity is paramount to our success.   If you want a straight answer on anything, ask a direct yes, no question.  Its part of the interview process.

Equal opportunity

BlueSkyClarity is an equal opportunity search and staffing firm which conducts all activities in accordance with applicable federal and state laws. Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination because of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, preference, age, ancestry, disability or status as a veteran.

Contingency Recruiting

Our most common client service is to provide resources on a contingency basis for a set fee, payment term and guarantee. Our differentiator is  that we have domain discipline, industry work experience and knowledge to find the best resource- be they creative ( we look deeply at portfolios) or if technical (we administer online Google Doc share to test their coding ability).   We leverage our skills to find our clients the smartest, most passionate and talented people available.

Executive Search

Executive Search requires clear focus and determination.  When asked, we consider executive search assignments carefully and we will not take them on unless we are confident that we can be successful.  The fees are normally fixed and distributed 1/3 at start, 1/3 at the successful introduction of 3 viable candidates and 1/3 upon successful hire. 

Contract Hires

Contract searches are very similar to contingency searches but involve a fixed amount of work, set rate, terms and schedule.  We match and customize client and candidate needs to create win/win opportunities.